Wireless fast charge charger - amazitshop
    Wireless fast charge charger - amazitshop
    Wireless fast charge charger - amazitshop
    Wireless fast charge charger - amazitshop
    Wireless fast charge charger - amazitshop
    Wireless fast charge charger - amazitshop
    Wireless fast charge charger - amazitshop
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    Wireless fast charge charger

    $15.99 USD

    Introducing our Wireless Fast Charge Charger – a cutting-edge charging solution designed to provide quick and convenient power to your compatible devices without the need for cables. This fast wireless charger is equipped with advanced technology to deliver efficient and speedy charging for smartphones and other devices that support wireless charging.

    Key Features:

    1. Fast Wireless Charging: Experience rapid charging for your compatible devices. The fast wireless charger provides high-speed charging to keep your devices powered up quickly and efficiently.

    2. Qi Compatibility: The charger is Qi-compatible, ensuring broad compatibility with a wide range of smartphones, including popular models from various manufacturers. This makes it a versatile charging solution for users with different devices.

    3. Cable-Free Convenience: Say goodbye to tangled cables and connectors. The wireless design allows you to charge your device by simply placing it on the charging pad, offering a hassle-free and cable-free charging experience.

    4. Smart Charging Technology: Equipped with smart charging technology, the wireless charger automatically detects the optimal charging speed for your device. This ensures efficient power delivery without compromising the safety of your device's battery.

    5. LED Indicator Lights: The charger is equipped with LED indicator lights to communicate the charging status. The lights provide a visual cue, indicating when the device is charging, fully charged, or if there is an issue with the charging process.

    6. Sleek and Compact Design: The wireless charger features a sleek and compact design, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your desk, bedside table, or any charging station. Its minimalist look complements various environments.

    7. Overheat and Overcharge Protection: Built with safety in mind, the charger includes overheat and overcharge protection features. These safeguards ensure the longevity of your device's battery and protect against potential overheating risks.

    8. Portable and Lightweight: The compact and lightweight design of the charger makes it easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy fast wireless charging wherever you go. It's a convenient solution for home, office, or travel use.

    • Wireless Fast Charge Charger
    • Fast Wireless Charging Pad
    • Qi-Compatible Wireless Charger
    • Cable-Free Convenience Charging
    • Smart Charging Technology
    • LED Indicator Lights Charger
    • Sleek and Compact Charging Solution
    • Overheat and Overcharge Protection
    • Portable Fast Wireless Charger
    • Quick Charging Pad for Devices

    Upgrade your charging experience with our Wireless Fast Charge Charger. Enjoy the speed and convenience of wireless charging for your compatible devices. Order now for a cable-free and efficient charging solution!

    General charge input: 5.0V = 1A-2A
    General charge output: 5.0V = 1A-1.2A
    Fast charge input: 9.0V = 2A
       Fast charge output: 9.0V = 1.2A
    Transmission distance: 8mm
       Conversion rate: 76%
      Size: 98 * 98 * 6.5mm

    Parts List:
    Wireless charging base; instruction manual; USB charging cable
    1. Please do not soak the product, pay attention to isolate the liquid
    2.Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 45 ᄚ C

    3. When cleaning, please disconnect the power

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester


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