Sequins False Eyelashes
    Sequins False Eyelashes
    Sequins False Eyelashes
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    Sequins False Eyelashes

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    About the Product:

    1pair Sequins False Eyelashes Cotton Thread Stems 3D Long Thick Silver Glitter Exaggerated Lashes nightclub Stage Eye Makeup 

    Type: Glitter  False Eyelash 
    Material: High Quality Synthetic Fiber
    Style: Natural+Tapered+Glitter 
    Color: Black+glitter 
    Quantity: 1 pair

    These false eyelash will make your eyes look brighter and more attractive.
    Safe and add the charm of your eyes.
    Rid the single black color, shining and glitter.
    Made of the highest PBT material, soft and flexible.
    Eyelashes are free of glue after detaching from tape.
    Adapt the raw material of plant synthetic, the glitter won't fall off or fall into your eyes.
    Suitable for party, wedding, prom nightclub or DIY beauty make up.
    Simple to use and comfortable to wear, with proper care they are reusable.

    Elevate your eye makeup game with the captivating allure of Sparkle Sequins False Eyelashes. These lashes are designed to add a touch of glamour and shimmer to your look, making them perfect for special occasions, parties, or any time you want to make a statement. The delicate sequins embedded in the lashes catch and reflect light, creating a mesmerizing effect that draws attention to your eyes. With these lashes, you'll exude confidence and radiate charm wherever you go.

    1. Glamorous Sequin Detailing: Each lash is adorned with tiny, sparkling sequins that catch and reflect light, creating a dazzling and eye-catching effect.

    2. Premium Craftsmanship: The lashes are expertly handcrafted using high-quality synthetic fibers, ensuring a comfortable and natural-looking fit.

    3. Easy Application: The lashes feature a flexible band for easy and seamless application, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced lash enthusiasts.

    4. Reusable and Durable: With proper care, these lashes can be worn multiple times, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable lashes.

    5. Versatile Look: Whether you're aiming for a glitzy evening look or want to add a touch of sparkle to your everyday makeup, these lashes offer the versatility to complement any style.

    6. Comfortable Wear: The lightweight design of these lashes ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without discomfort.

    7. Cruelty-Free: These lashes are made from cruelty-free materials, making them a compassionate choice for beauty enthusiasts.

    8. Customizable Length: The lashes are designed with varying lengths, allowing you to achieve a full, fluttery effect that beautifully frames your eyes.

    9. Secure Fit: The flexible lash band provides a secure and comfortable fit along your lash line, ensuring that the lashes stay in place throughout the day or night.

    10. Complete Your Makeup Look: Pair these lashes with your favorite mascara and eyeliner for a captivating eye makeup look that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

    11. Complementary Design: The Sparkle Sequins False Eyelashes are designed to suit a wide range of eye shapes and sizes, ensuring a flattering fit for everyone.

    Add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your eye makeup routine with these exquisite Sparkle Sequins False Eyelashes. Whether you're attending a special event, celebrating a night out, or simply want to stand out, these lashes provide the perfect finishing touch. The mesmerizing sequin detailing combined with their comfortable wear and versatile style makes them a must-have for any makeup enthusiast.

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    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester

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