Automatic Pet Feeder Water Fountain - amazitshop
    Automatic Pet Feeder Water Fountain - amazitshop
    Automatic Pet Feeder Water Fountain - amazitshop
    Automatic Pet Feeder Water Fountain - amazitshop
    Automatic Pet Feeder Water Fountain - amazitshop
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    Automatic Pet Feeder Water Fountain

    $43.99 USD

    Introducing the ultimate solution for your pet's well-being – the Automatic Pet Feeder Water Fountain Combo. This innovative pet accessory seamlessly combines a smart automatic feeder and a water fountain, offering your furry friend both nourishment and hydration in one stylish and convenient package. Elevate your pet care routine with this all-in-one solution designed for health, convenience, and peace of mind.

    1. Dual Functionality - Feeding and Hydration: The combo unit features a smart automatic feeder for precise feeding schedules and a built-in water fountain to keep your pet hydrated. Provide everything your pet needs in one centralized location.

    2. Programmable Feeding Schedule: Set personalized feeding schedules for your pet with the programmable timer. Maintain a consistent routine, promoting your pet's health and well-being.

    3. Portion Control Technology: The feeder incorporates portion control technology, allowing you to customize your pet's meals based on their dietary needs. Prevent overfeeding and maintain your pet's optimal weight.

    4. Hygienic and Continuous Water Flow: The integrated water fountain ensures a continuous flow of fresh water, enticing your pet to stay hydrated. The design promotes water freshness and reduces the risk of dehydration.

    5. Easy-to-Use LCD Display: The user-friendly LCD display provides a clear interface for programming feeding times and monitoring water levels. Stay informed about your pet's meals and hydration status at a glance.

    6. Voice Recording Function: Record a personalized message to call your pet to the feeder at mealtime. This feature adds a familiar touch and encourages positive feeding behavior.

    7. Anti-Jamming Design: The anti-jamming design prevents food from getting stuck, ensuring a consistent and reliable feeding experience.

    8. Detachable and Easy to Clean: The feeder and water fountain components are detachable for easy cleaning. Maintain a hygienic feeding and hydration area for your pet's health and comfort.

      • Automatic Pet Feeder Water Fountain Combo
      • Dual Functionality Pet Feeder
      • Programmable Feeding Schedule
      • Portion Control Technology
      • Hygienic and Continuous Water Flow
      • Easy-to-Use LCD Display
      • Voice Recording Function for Pets
      • Detachable and Easy to Clean
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester


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